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"To je kůň mejch novejch sousedů."

Translation:That's my new neighbors' horse.

February 28, 2018



V tomto překladu mám sestavit větu z nabízených slov, ale bohužel chybí neighbors', je zde pouze neighbors. Takže mi předklad nemůže být uznán.


Doporučuju přepnout na zadávání klávesnicí, protože slova ve word bank opravdu ovlivnit nedokážeme.

A nebo prostě dejte neighbors a uzná se to. Vizte obrázek.



The answer given for me was, "That's my new neighbors horse" without an apostrophe in neighbors. That's wrong, unless "neighbors" is a breed of horse.


All our answers do contain the apostrophe. Duolingo has well known problems with apostrophes and they were already discussed here and elsewhere. If you cannot live with that, contact Duolingo, for example in the main forum or in the Troubleshooting forum, there is no one that could help you here.


Note to AgnusOinas: You said that obecna cestina is not forced on students by the course designers. As the discussion here shows, it is, and quite consciously: "we could disable all listening exercises. but why? ... these non-standard elements also show up in written materials".

I repeat my suggestion to get rid of all exercises demanding that students actually write non-standard Czech. This is really wrong when I am forced to write "To je kůň mejch novejch sousedů." in order to complete the exercise.


No it is not. Certain disabled listening exercises were inadvertently re-enabled by Duolingo when introducing new voices. Apparently, if you were really asked to write what you heard, the current team did not find the time to re-disable them all again yet. This is far from consciously forcing anything.

The discussion you refer to is 3 years old. It is no longer relevant and I will delete it.


And the little, pathetic -1 for the bother of answering. Your patience is inspiring.


Mejch novejch? People should learn to write properly and when they hear "vosm mejch novejch sousedů z taidle tenheldsteho baráku řekli nech to bejt" they learn not to speak that way and rather write "osm mých nových sousedů z tenhleho baráku řekli nech to být" I don't understand why correctly spelled proper Czech is unacceptable as an answer and "write what you hear is correct" . I thought for a moment that there must have been a newly published pravidla českého pravopisu that changed the rules of what is acceptable, until I read the comments here that this is "dialect". Why is Prague dialect and not Southern Moravian dialect being taught here? I find this wrong on so many levels and very disturbing.


osm mých nových sousedů z tenhleho baráku řekli nech to být

"Tenhleho" is neither standard Czech nor common Czech. Here is the standard declension. Barák is a common Czech (non-standard) word. Also agreement with "osm sousedů" requires "řeklo".

Should you really want to understand this instead of just venting, consider reading the material starting on p. 245 here.


As repeated many times, this is NOT any Prague dialect. This is the interdialect of most people in the country. This is how people really speak. The point is to prepare people that they can hear something very different from what they heard so far.


I don't know about this example, but my wife thinks many of the sentences use old fashioned words. She is University educated and from Vysočina and her Mother is from Moravia. I'm pretty sure much of what is here is probably Bohemian dialect or just old. Like using hoch instead of kluk. Does anyone really say hoši or děvče?


Yes, they do. Consider learning from your wife instead if you do not trust this course.

The words you have mentiined are even more likely to be used in Moravia than in Bohemia. And why don't you just use Google to find newspapers regularly using these words...?

Děvčata a kluci se shodli, že obdarují dvě dívky a dva hochy stejného věku, jako jsou sami.
published 6 days ago

Děvčata bydlela na chatě firmy Motex, pochopitelně oddělena od hochů, jejichž zázemím byla chata.
published 3 days ago


i find your comment so ill-informed as to be borderline deletable.

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