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False Lost of Streak

I was traveling in Costa Rica and even with limited Internet access I managed to do my minimum amount of lessons to keep my streak of more than 380 days. Each day I was able to open a "treasure chest" to prove that I had achieved my goal (it was reset to 10 to make it easier). I also had "streak freeze protection" but a few days ago, my streak was reset to 0. This is not true and I would like to have it set back to the original number of days. It might be a silly thing but it motivated me enough that I woke up at 6:00 am sometimes so I could get it done before my tour continued. I did lessons everyday and I had streak freeze protection so this should not have happened. Help!!!!! Is this happening to other users???

February 28, 2018



I'm sorry to hear that - stay motivated!! Enjoy Costa Rica. You should get a bonus for dedication :)


It nearly happened to me. The danger time for me was the three hours between 9 pm local time (midnight UK time) and midnight local time. When I practiced during this time Duolingo recognised it as a new day and increased my streak and if I was on the app let me open a treasure chest. But if I looked on the following morning I had no XP for the day and after completing a lesson on the app it let me open the treasure chest again.

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