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Looking for a study partner.

Hi, everyone.

I'm studying Japanese and I find that it's been pretty difficult to maintain my study goals since I'm being too lazy. I guess it would be better having someone to study with me so we can cheer up each other to keep studying. Also, having a meeting time via Skype, Discord or maybe another Voice app would be a great way to find a reason to keep studying constantly. We could be helping each other rather than studying alone. I think it would improve our learning pace.

My Japanese writing and reading level is about JLPT N4~N3. I'm somewhat bad at speaking Japanese since I do not have someone to practice.

If you're interested, please contact me. Skype: Luann_xd                        Discord: Hanekawa#9911                                                                               Or contact me on Duolingo.

I'm fluent in Portuguese including English and know Spanish pretty well. So I can be of help in these languages in case you know Japanese and want to learn some of them.

Sorry if I'm posting it in a wrong place.


February 28, 2018



Studying Along Sounds Interesting


That sounds fun!!!! I am a beginner in Japanese but I mean if you wanted too, I would also be willing to!!!!


I'm also willing though I'm a beginner. On discord


I would like a study partner for learning Japaneses. im on discord as well


I'm on discord as well, I know hiragana, katakana and some kanji


I sent you a message on skype, im joseph, if anyone else wants to contact me too for a study partner feel free to.


Added you on Skype. I would be interested to work with you and others on my Japanese skills.


Never really thought of studying Japanese with another person. A partner per say. Sounds like a great idea though!

I can name almost all Kata, but not a lot of knowledge in Kanji though so :p


I'm looking for a study partner also, and I have the same problem with studying.

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