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Can we have new Assignment Type - Re-Gold - Review XP - Strengthen Level

It is neat to add assignments like gain xp, or finish level to students.

Would we also be able to get assignments like:

1) Practice / Redo / Strengthen a level. 2) Regold a level 3) Gain XP on specific levels.

This would really help me. Right now if I assign XP assignments, students who would benefit from going back and strengthening surge ahead and finish levels they know I will assign later in the semester.

It would be nice to be able to assign a student to go back and regold three levels, or gain xp only from levels completed.

Hope this can be an option some day.

February 28, 2018



Several of these have been requested many times, particularly the ability to set re-golding as a homework. Duolingo have never replied to these requests - they don't seem interested, sadly :(


Thanks a great idea! I would like that as well. It would be great to reinforce those concepts.

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