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Do you eventually get to stop strengthening your skills?

Does anyone know if you get to eventually stop strengthening your skills? Because I usually do Duolingo in my study hall at school, but by the time I finish strengthening the skills, The class is about over. I have to repeat this everyday and hardly get to learn new lessons because of it!!!! And it will only get worse the more I progress.... I could only imagine when you are almost done, It must take hours to finish strengthening the skills!!!!

February 28, 2018



There will be times where I log in and in a particular course I don't have any skills to strengthen for a few days, but I don't strengthen all of my skills in a single session because it takes a lot of time. It's worth it in the long run but I would recommend balancing strengthening with learning new skills, until you either finish the course or get to level 25.


Learning a language requires you to do the same lessons and go over the same words/phrases again and again and again. Same as when you learn a second language in school. I would advise you though to focus more on the learning aspect instead of just having everything golden. It may be hard to let that gold go down a bit (trust me, I know) but you can always come back to it and when you hit level 25 you can't go any further anyway, at least not for now, and then all you have is reviewing.


Nope, it never ends. But there are techniques you can use to keep it gold longer. I have completed my tree and have to do 0-4 skills a day max. Refreshing old skills, avoiding the peek/hints where possible, and doing 2-3 strengthen every day, even if they are gold keep sit all gold longer.

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