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Do you recommend an ipod for french learning on-the-go?

Do you recommend an ipod for french learning on-the-go? Is it worth the investment?

February 28, 2018



The best thing for your learning, be it on-the-go or otherwise, is to give yourself time to think about what you are learning, and engage in diverse ways to learn.

And where possible - to do things that you enjoy doing. Yet also mix it up with things that will challenge you and give you a deeper understanding.

The best single investment that I have found for my language learning advancement is finding a grammar book the I enjoyed reading and that enhanced my understanding of the functioning of French language.


As my mother likes to say, "j'agree". I use a grammar book and when that gets too scholarly, I do a more fun activity in French (watching videos, listening to music, talking to a friend who is a native francophone). If you like doing whatever it is that people do on iPods (I'm not particularly technologically savvy), then go ahead and get one, and relate it to your French practice only as it relates to your life as a whole. You'll never be able to fluently and naturally speak another language unless you've integrated it into your life.


My favorite grammar book is:
Countdown to French: Learn to Communicate in 24 Hours (Countdown (McGraw-Hill)) by Stein, Gail (2003)
Gail Stein is also my favorite author of grammar books.

I also highly recommend lawlessfrench

You might like to check out :


for other advice that may assist your language learning journey.


I would get one if you have other uses for it. My iPod touch can access e-mail, websites, etc as well as my Duo app so long as I have access to free wifi.


If you are thinking of buying it solely for language learning I say no. It makes sense if you have Apple products or if you like it for other features. As Moogy said, other devices have access too so you should research what you really want an extra device to be used for, more than one specific thing.


I use a kindle fire - you can read, listen and connect to wifi. They're priced quite competitively as well. As well as duolingo I can connect to memrise and other apps.

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