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Franțuzisme! Vocabulary borrowed from French.

Whether you are reading 19th century literature or speaking everyday Romanian, you will quite often run into French-borrowed words. In fact, 22% of all the words in Romanian are of French origin, if we include all registers of speech. Here I will present a couple common and useful such words.

  • mic dejun (fr. petit déjeuner) This one means "breakfast".

  • apropo (fr. à-propos) This is an adverb used to start a conversation, and can be translated roughly as "by the way". Ex: Apropo, mi-ai văzut ochelarii?

  • vizavi (fr. vis-à-vis) This is an spacial adverb, meaning "across from" or "opposite to".

  • mersi (fr. merci) Casual way of saying "thank you", kind of like "thanks" :)

  • mesaj (fr. message) This obviously means "message", and can refer to any kind of message, be it a text message or a subliminal message.

  • elev (fr. élève) This one means "pupil" or "student" and can refer to any primary, middle, or high school student.

Beware that some Romanians will dismiss the words "vizavi" and "mersi", using "vis-a-vis" (with an a, instead of an à) and "merci" instead. The reason they do it is because they think they know better, when they really do not.

February 28, 2018



Sunt mai multe cuvinte similare in ambele limbi, de exemplu:

  1. Salut (fr. salut) This means "hello"
  2. Deja (fr. déjà) This means "already"
  3. Prins (fr. pris) This means "caught"
  4. Magazin (fr. magasin) This means "store"
  5. Avocat (fr. avocat) This means "lawyer"


How could I possibly forget "deja"? That's an impossible to avoid word.


IRK! Haha, does Romanian have a similar phrase as, "déjà vu"?


I can't think of a similar phrase, I guess it doesn't.


Thank you for this! I was actually looking for a discussion on Romanian vocabulary words similar to the romance languages. Funnily enough I had a conversation with a few people and one of them asked for Romanian words that come from French. This is great! I would like to find more words... XD


I learned more French by studying Romanian, than actually learning French by itself. :)))


WOW! That's so cool... I feel like if I started learning French again I would have to agree

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