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Streak History?

I lost my streak (falsely I am sure because I was crazily diligent about getting the 10 pts I had set during my vacation and I had unused "streak insurance"). I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed seeing that I had been consistent for hundreds of days-it is a good motivational tool. It would be nice to have our streak history saved in our profile or somewhere else so we know the total even when events or accidents make us lose the current streak. I am sadly back to 5 now and I wasn't good at keeping my own records separate from the site so I don't know what my total was. I already have more lingots than I can possibly use, so it is just knowing that I have been a committed learner (sometimes a learner who should be committed...several times I woke before 6:00 on vacation to be sure to keep my streak...oh well )

February 28, 2018



My experience has been that for a couple of days after losing a streak, you get notifications offering to keep your streak for a few dollars.


yeah same i has 267 day streak but i lost it because i had no internet for a few days

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