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Swahili Audio/Sound

These courses are pretty useless if you don't know how to pronounce the words. Every discussion I've seen says that Duolingo promised to add the audio accompaniment but still haven't delivered on that months, almost a full year, later. I really wish there were some way to actually contact them about this but they clearly would rather not speak to us. Should I just switch to memrise or something?

February 28, 2018



I am not using Duolingo Swahili until they sort it out. It may be possible to contact Duolingo or contributors somewhere on the internet but I have a strong feeling any messages about Swahili will just be ignored.


"Language Transfer Swahili" is excellent for speaking the language. Google it.


I second the recommendation of Language Transfer's Swahili course. It's fantastic:


I've been frustrated also - left Duolingo for a long time over this. I just recently returned hoping they might finally have spruced up their act on the subject of audio on a number of the languages. I'm also trying to learn Swahili - and Irish which also has no audio much of the time - and it is a very hard language to read in, to get the pronunciation even half right without a voice modelling the sounds. It is frustrating and too bad! I really want to learn these languages well. But this makes it much harder and I wonder if it is worth the time on here - because clearly we can't speak the language if we say everything wrong!

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