"Today is the eighth day of the month of January."

Translation:Astăzi este ziua a opta din luna lui ianuarie.

March 1, 2018

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Why ziua a opta and not opta ziua?


It is either "ziua a opta" or "a opta zi". If one puts the noun at the end, then it doesn't get an article at the end.


So "din luna ianuarie" and "din luna lui ianuarie" both work (were accepted). Any difference in style or usage?


"Ziua LUI ianuarie" is rather poetic. Noone in real life uses such a construct. (I am a native speaker.)


Why is it: "ziua a opta"??? I didn't see this before in this Duolingo course....


Can I not say 'a opta ziua'? If so why not (as in what is the rule)?


You can say "a opta zi". Don't ask me to explain :D.


Actually, 8OhQ2fAw explained it above using a reference to Duo's tips.


Why do we need the „a” before „lunii” here?


From Duolingo's lesson's tips (din sfaturile lecției lui Duolingo): If the modified noun takes the indefinite article, or if it is modified by one or more adjectives or by a noun in the accusative, the noun in the genitive will take the possessive or genitive article


I just had word tiles and luna was not available - i tried din ianuarie and it wouldn't accept it but i don't know what else i could have done.


What's wrong with, "Azi e a opta zi a lunii ianuarie"?


Nothing wrong.

"Astăzi e a opta zi a lunii ianuarie" - perfect, any native speaker would say it this way.

"Astăzi este ziua a opta din luna lui ianuarie" - formal/weather bulletin way.

Duo Romanian seems to be set for word-to-word translation. Pity.


My solution is marked as "Correct", but I think it is not: "Azi este a opt ziua lunii ianuarie."


...a opta zi a lunii ianuarie. In any case, the usage "...lunii lui ianuarie" is very peculiar for me as a native. Only poets say that to impress impressible girls.

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