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  5. "We are eating."

"We are eating."

Translation:Nous mangeons.

March 1, 2018



Why not nous sommes mangeons? Is not the same thing?


"Nous sommes mangeons" would add 2 conjugated verbs, which is not correct (we are eat, he is eats...).

"Are eating" is a continuous present formed with the auxiliary "to be", conjugated, and the present participle/gerund form of the verb (-ing)

Such a construction does not exist in French.

"We are eating" translates to "nous mangeons", and "we eat" as well.


Would appreciate someone breaking this down in a more understandable way - thank you.


Nous = We

are eating = mangeons (NOT "sommes mangeant")


No, because french does not have the present continuous tense.


Pas d'accord JanaAhmed. Je suis en train de manger, je suis en train de faire n'importe qoi etc.... . Voilà le présent continuous, qui existe bien en français.


There is no present continuous tense in french


Why not "nous sommes en train de manger"


That's so complicated


Nous=we Avons =have So we can not say Nous avons in this cas


"Manges" is the conjugation for "tu".

For "nous", the conjugation is "mangeons".


Why is it "Nous mangeons" and not "nous manges"? I have just finish a lesson learning that "are eating" means "manges" and "eat" means "mange", now it has changed?...


Please read the whole thread before posting.

This is the conjugation of « manger » in present:

Je mange, tu manges, il/elle/on mange, nous mangeons, vous mangez, ils/elles mangent.


isn't this "we eat"?


It could be either "we are eating" or "we eat".


Why do we leave out "avons" ?


There is no "avons" (= have) in this sentence.

"We are eating" describes what we are doing at this very moment, but the continuous present tense does not exist in French. As a consequence, both "we are eating" and "we eat" must be translated to the French present tense: "Nous mangeons."


We are French = "Nous sommes français"

We are Eating leaves out the "sommes" though. I don't understand why. Can someone explain it in basic English for me? Dropping a technical response with technical words wouldn't be too helpful for me, thanks. =)


« French » is an adjective describing the subject « we ». The translation is direct: « Nous sommes français(e)s ».

« Eating » is a verb form (present participle) and « are eating » describes an on-going action. This verb form is the continuous present tense.

The continuous present tense does not exist in French and there is no direct translation :  Sommes mangeant (present participle) does not mean anything.

« To be + verb-ing » must translate to the French present tense.

« We are eating » = nous mangeons.


How are you supposed to remember that? They need to make it easier for beginners.


To remember things, you have to repeat them many times. Then, it becomes much easier.


I agree. I also feel as though there is sincerely no easier option for learning. Ive used this app to help me with German & it's quicker at teaching than my real German speaking teacher


on mangeons is the samething


On is grammatically a 3rd-person pronoun, even when it has a 1st-person meaning: the corresponding verb form is mange, not mangeons.
You can either say "nous mangeons" or "on mange", but "on mangeons" is not correct.

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