"We are eating."

Translation:Nous mangeons.

March 1, 2018

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Why not nous sommes mangeons? Is not the same thing?


"Nous sommes mangeons" would add 2 conjugated verbs, which is not correct (we are eat, he is eats...).

"Are eating" is a continuous present formed with the auxiliary "to be", conjugated, and the present participle/gerund form of the verb (-ing)

Such a construction does not exist in French.

"We are eating" translates to "nous mangeons", and "we eat" as well.


This was helpful


Nous=we Avons =have So we can not say Nous avons in this cas


its so complicated


What about nous es mangeons ?


"Es" is the conjugation of "ĂȘtre" for "tu".

"We are eating" is a continuous present verbal form that does not exist in French. As a consequence, the translation for "to be Verb-ing" never uses the auxiliary "ĂȘtre" nor the present participle of the active verb ("eating" is the present participle of "to eat", not the conjugation for "we" in the present tense).

"We are eating" and "We eat" both translate to "nous mangeons" in the present tense. The context will tell if it's a habit or an on-going action.

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