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"Ceasul Gabrielei este mai vechi decât al Mariei."

Translation:The watch of Gabriella is older than that of Mary.

March 1, 2018



"Ceasul" can be either "clock" or "watch"?

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That's right. We can say "ceas" to just about any instrument used to measure the time, and even when asking about the time: "What time is it?" most naturally translates to "Cât e ceasul?" (literally How much is the clock/watch?). The same question can mean "How much does the clock/watch cost?", just like in "Cât e laptele?" (How much does the milk cost?). However, unless you are in a "ceasornicărie" (watchmaking shop), you will hardly ever hear a price in response.

We rely on context to figure out the type of the device. If needed, we can be more specific and say "ceas de mână" (wristwatch), "ceas de buzunar" (pocket watch), "ceas deșteptător" (alarm clock), "ceas de masă" (table clock), "ceas de perete" (wall clock), "ceas cu cuc" (cuckoo clock), "ceas solar" (solar clock), "orologiu" (the big clock on a buiding's facade), etc.

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