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Auf uns zu?

  1. What is the meaning of auf uns zu in "Ein Wagen auf uns zu,"

  2. What is the difference between messen and vermessen?

LG Jason

March 1, 2018


  1. towards us

  2. "vermessen" = the activity of measuring something, e.g. the size of a piece of land, or a room to find out how many rolls of wallpaper you need; anyway a larger object, always concerning lengths, and with more activity involved than just putting a 30cm ruler to it; "messen" = for all sorts of measurement (e.g. temperature, radioactive radiation, density, to what extent people use public transport, ...)

Edit: crossposted with Lukas - he's right, "vermessen" could also mean "to measure wrong", e.g. "Ich habe mich vermessen." It could also mean "presumptious", by the way.


In the first sentence there lacks a verb. You could say "Ein Wagen fährt auf uns zu" which would mean "A car is driving towards us"

Messen means measure, and vermessen means make a mistake when measuring/ measure wrong.


Vermessen is only a measurement error when it's used reflexively. Ich habe mich (bei XYZ) vermessen. If i say "Ich habe das Auto vermessen" it means I took the dimensions of the car.

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