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  5. "I drink milk and water."

"I drink milk and water."

Translation:Eu beau lapte și apă.

March 1, 2018



Beau is pronounced more like "bow"


Thank so much! This helps me a lot!


As in 'bow down'


My keyboard does not have the accents. So it keeps counting my answers wrong


Duolingo usualy counts it as correct even if you forget the accents so you shouldn't be having that problem


Beau nu se citește așa


why not bei?

  • 1974

a bea - Present Tense

  • eu beau = I drink
  • tu bei = you drink
  • el/ea bea = he/she/it drinks
  • noi bem = we drink
  • voi beți = you drink
  • ei/ele beau = they drink


Out of curiosity, why a different word for drink each time? Thank you. :-)


There is a different form for almost every "person" in the chart (in Romanian, the first singular (I) and third plural (they) are often the same, in other verbs it's the third person singular (he/she) and plural that are the same). Eg. if the subject is You (plural) "voi" the verb must be beți. that way it is actually possible to leave off the subject pronoun and just say beți and the subject is clear. In fact, the subject is SO clear, that I believe that use of the pronoun along with the verb brings emphasis to the subject, as in „YOU are drinking and HE is not.” Of course, for those forms that are the same (I drink and they drink for a bea) the pronoun is used to clarify who the subject is.


Beau is pronouced "bau


I had the right accent on şi and its getting counted like "you have a typos in ur answer"


I use an accent that looks the same for "şi" but each time it tells me to watch my accents. Is this an issue with my keyboard, if so how should it look?

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