I saw a thread referring to added content for Spanish to come early in 2018. Any news?

7 months ago


I hope so. I would like to see more questions requiring translating from English into Spanish. It would also be great to have a more substantial grammar focus on things like the imperfect and subjunctive and differentiating when to use them versus the preterite or indicative, respectively.

Also... vocab, vocab, vocab. At this point I do not need to keep getting questions using vocab I will hardly ever use (e.g. conejo). Stories have been good for obtaining more practical and natural vocabulary/phrases/expressions but I'd like to see it appear in the main tree as well.

7 months ago
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An extended tree (Spanish from English) with about 108 skills is being trialed and on the app each skill has 3 levels.

7 months ago

There are a couple of things in the pipeline I think, but I've only picked that up from discussions here. One is more lessons and one is different levels for each skill so that you can progress through the content (i.e. through the tree) quicker at an easier level or more slowly taking each skill to a higher proficiency (being able to answer translations from audio only perhaps?). In all cases "early 2018" probably meant around March, but I heard March a few months ago and these things often slip back so hope for May which is only a couple of months away. Does anyone have more clarity (and not just waffling on like I am?)

7 months ago
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