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  5. "Anne is an effective woman."

"Anne is an effective woman."

Translation:Ana este o femeie eficace.

March 1, 2018



A. What is an 'effective woman'? B. When is O used vs. Un?

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Here's some help with the "effective" part of your question; the other part is said to be a mystery. "Effective" is a term we hear about so often these days in relation to another term, "efficient".

The following article goes into more detail regarding the difference between the two: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-peck/efficient-or-effective-leader-ways_b_2606615.html

And here's a multimedia version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDrAeyTt4hg


"un" is the indefinite article for the singular form of masculine and neuter nouns.

"o" is the indefinite article for the singular form of feminine nouns.

un = a/an, o = a/an

Also, "un" and "o" can be used as numerals (one). Article or numeral - it depends on the context.

  • MASCULINE SG - PL: UN băiat - DOI băieți --- a/one boy - two boys

  • FEMININE SG - PL: O fată - DOUĂ fete --- a/one girl - two girls

  • NEUTER SG - PL: UN ou - DOUĂ ouă --- an/one egg - two eggs


Is an effective woman a spectacular woman?

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