"Is milk sold in Czech pharmacies?"

Translation:Prodává se v českých drogeriích mléko?

March 1, 2018

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"je mléko prodáváno v českách lékárnách?' .... dle transalatoru lékárna = pharmacy, tak si myslím že by i tento překlad měl být uznán


Coz o to, lekarnu jsme tam meli, jen tuto formu trpneho rodu ne. Doplnim.


"V českých drogeriích se mléko prodává?" is wrong?


not wrong, unusual, it is the equivalent of the affirmative word order

"Milk is SOLD in Czech pharmacies?"

Like if you were surprised it is sold and not given for free there.


I think that "lékárna" equates to pharmacy, as that's where they sell medicine, whereas a "drogerie" sells everything but that.


Different countries have different kinds of shops and stores.


I know, and in the UK both would be combined into a 'chemists', but, for me the defining quality of a pharmacy is that it sells medicine, including on prescription and in the Czech Republic a drogerie never does that. So I find the 'correct' sentence misleading. Although I have to concede that finding a good English translation of 'drogerie' is difficult, 'pharmacy' is definitely wrong.


That is the point. The primary sentence is the Czech one. The question is, what would be a better word instead of pharmacy here.


You (Duolingo) tends to have US English, so I'm not absolutely sure but 'drugstores' might be a better fit for 'drogerie'.


I'm native AmE, and I agree that "drugstore" is roughly equivalent to "drogerie." But since most US drugstores also have pharmacy sections, it's a bit of a tough call.

Personally, I tend to think of "drogerie" as a drugstore and "lékárna" as a pharmacy.

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