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  5. 'Drink je?' vs 'Je drinkt.'


'Drink je?' vs 'Je drinkt.'

So on one lesson I noticed that: "Drink je sap? Nee, je drinkt geen sap." I have to change 'drink' to 'drinkt' even though it's the same person? Does this happen with other words too?

March 1, 2018



Yes, this happens for all verbs, but only when the subject is "je" or "jij". Whenever there is inversion (verb before the subject), the verb loses its -t ending.

It's a weird rule, but you'll get used to it.

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Also be aware that "je" can be the possessive of something else, for example "je hond" means "your dog". So if "je hond" is the subject, you must write the verb with a t anyway: "Drinkt je hond sap?"


You can find the brief explanation in Tips and Notes under Questions 1 Yes/No in the Dutch tree

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