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French fluency

I don't seem to get past French fluency of 60 - why not??

March 1, 2018



It doesn't stop at 60% or even 65% because I am at 72%, just keep Strengthen Skills, even when you complete the entire tree, practicing on Strengthen Skills you will learn new words, I'm still doing it everyday.


Unfortunately, yes, it does stop at some random percentage that Duolingo sets for each user, independently of the language they learn. The reason I know that is because I used to be 67% "fluent" in Spanish and then one day it dropped, over night, to 52% - incidentally, this happened right after I had spent a whole day redoing the whole tree (which was already gold to begin with). The fluency meter doesn't mean anything in the real world, I wish Duo removed it, because it gives a lot of people false hope and to many others it is a source of endless frustration. Trust me, I've done the whole tree in a day (or two) several times in the past few months - timed practice, with very few mistakes (like one in four lessons or so), yet I've never got back to 67%. I am now at 57%, but I am able to read newspapers, follow the news on TV and converse with people - and understand up to 80-90% of what's being said, even 100% if they're not speaking extremely fast. I guess my point is just don't get discouraged by the fluency meter.


Who's going to be the first to crack %72?


That is as far as it will go. You need speaking practice. Try youtube.


JeaneeGamache, do we get notified of answers in the forums? I have not had a forum answer in a couple of months I think. Has there been a change of moderators or policies? I sat out a while for a health issue and now don't get answers tho do get followers. I have no idea yet how to converse with followers. LOL.


Unfortunately there isn't a way to correspond with followers on Duolingo anymore, though there was at one point. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909/Activity-Stream-Announcement Perhaps there will be a way to communicate again in the future, but we are still waiting for that...

To get notifications to posts in the forums you must click on the green "follow the discussion" button found in the top right corner of the discussion. This is the same for posts in the sentence discussions as well as on the forum. This will send you an email notification (if you have that turned on in your settings). The bell does not notify you of responses to your posts anymore.


That is probably about as high as it will be. The "fluency" measure is not dependable. It may be encouraging at first, but when you realize it doesn't have a real-world meaning that anyone can precisely state, it is a disappointment. (My guess is it measures the percentage learned of the 3000 most common words of a language). Originally Duo measured "fluency" up to 98% or 99%!


I'm at 65%, and I'm just about finished with the entire tree, and almost all skills are at gold. There is a limit, and it must be around 65.



As many others have attested, it is definitely possible to get past 60% despite what this help topic indicates. And also as many others have attested, it really doesn't mean anything!


Thank you all for your feedback - I will keep slogging away !! and get some speaking practice!!


fluency is rubbish

[deactivated user]

    It's not at all dependable. They thought after learning to say man and woman you are like 25 percent fluent. I use this on the side of Rosetta Stone. Which i highly recommend. Along with Tiny Cards.

    [deactivated user]

      I've taken a year in Chinese and two in French.

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