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Trouble remembering and speaking Japanese, also scared natives won't understand me and vice versa

Hello everyone!!!! So, in September next year My sister is studying abroad in Japan for a year. Me and my dad are going with and the three of us are going to travel around Japan and such. I know that knowing Japanese would be helpful, but I am scared that I will not be able to understand the natives. I also feel like I will have trouble speaking it too.... I feel like I have no practice speaking it and would mess up a lot. As I progress with my Japanese on duolingo, will there be options to speak ?

March 1, 2018



practice practice practice! if youd like to get good at speaking it, try having conversations with yourself. try having conversations with your sister. watch tv and movies in Japanese to try and get a feel for it. and dont worry about natives, they might not understand you (and you DEFINITELY won't be able to fully understand them) but they will be happy that you are trying to learn and speak to them


Thank you so much!!!!


As you answer the questions, read the Japanese aloud. Think about each word, and what you are saying - try to connect it with the meaning in your mind.

Also, listen to yourself as you speak Japanese - does it sound natural? Make a note of any weak points and make a sentence using just those weak points. That way, you can practice a lot of things at once.

Finally, when you are going about your daily life, try to describe what you are doing and what is happening in Japanese.

I studied Japanese for three years before I lived there (six years) and I was very frustrated in the beginning - I felt like I couldn't say what I was thinking fast enough, and could barely understand anybody. . No need to be scared! It just takes time.

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