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Once I finish this tree, will I be completely or almost completely fluent?

I was wondering if after I finish the Japanese tree, if i would be completely fluent. If I am not, that what could I do to become fluent or almost fluent???? Thank!!!!

March 1, 2018



you wont even be close. you will be able to have a few conversations, yes, but nowhere near fluent.


if youd like to get fluent in it you could take a class. one thing i would HIGHLY recommend is watching movies and tv shows in Japanese so you know how fast it goes and you get a feel for it.


I doubt very much you would become fluent using only Duolingo, however, if you use other sites such as memrise or even Rosetta stone, no doubt that you would be advanced or even fluent, Just dont rely on Duolingo by itself. Even if you do only use Duolingo, It is still a VERY great way to start off learning the basics/adepts of the language.


I really don't think Memrise or Rosetta Stone is going to get you anywhere close to fluent in Japanese either.


Let's take everyone's favorite JLPT as a measure. The test has 5 levels of proficiency, from N5 to N1 the latter one being the highest proficiency. The duolingo tree won't even get you to N5. But what it will do is give you a fairly decent basis to study Japanese further. Check out George Trombley on youtube, more specifically his Japanese From Zero series. If you're like me you'll instantly love this guy, if not, well then you might not be fond of him. But it's just impossible to not like him honestly. The dude makes great videos that are both entertaining and educational, I really recommend it.


And back in 2003 he and this girl Keiko made a web show called "George and Keiko" and in it they just introduce words and tell what they mean and they cover a lot of topics. It's entertaining, too. But the most important thing is that they talk with each other in Japanese a lot and George usually translates what was said or there are subtitles shown. So check that out too, you just need to google "george and keiko yesjapan" and it'll show up, the image is kinda low quality, the show was recorded on vhs tapes, mind you.


(coughs) Oh, it's possible - it is definitely possible.


No, you won't be fluent at all. You barely scratched the surface even. Start with LingoDeer for basic (N5) grammar and work your way up from there


Trust me, Duolingo only teaches you the basics. You have a lot more to learn if you wish to become fluent. However, don't let this discourage you. Listen to/read books in Japanese, listen to Japanese music etc.

All that should help your pronunciation too


No lol maybe you can read and understand 50% of what people are saying


My level after finish the tree: I can read manga with online dictionaries and some grammar pages. You can learn here the foundations of the language. Then, you must evolve for yourself.

But it is still only a beta...


Not by a long shot! Not even if you can ace all the lessons as timed practices ...


From what I've seen and read, Japanese is one of the shorter trees on DuoLingo and is also still in development. I would not recommend it as your only resource for learning Japanese, if your goal is complete fluency. In fact, if you are brand new to the language, I would not even recommend DuoLingo as a good place to start, since the course has minimal grammar education and other serious issues at the moment. Ideally, you should use other resources to introduce and properly explain new concepts and provide a firm foundation in Japanese grammar and the unique quirks/challenges of the language. Then you can use DuoLingo to test your knowledge and memory.

By the time you finish this tree, you should have enough vocabulary and basic knowledge to start learning from more advanced sources. You won't be fluent, but you will be able to speak and understand some Japanese. It will take time and plenty of practice to reach your final goal.

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