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Suggestion for Timed Practice - Pause Timer Between Questions

When I'm doing the timed practice (which I prefer since it's a little more exciting, a faster way to earn XP since I get at least 1 XP for each correct answer, etc), it would be very helpful if the timer paused in between questions. Since I'm currently not being timed just on how quickly I can understand and translate the sentence, but also on how fast I can move my mouse and click the button for the next question, I lose several seconds just dealing with the interface. More significantly though - when I get an answer wrong, I don't have any time to read the correct answer, see what I did wrong, and actually learn anything. This leads to me making the same mistakes over and over since I don't have enough time to see my mistakes and correct them. So - if the timer pauses from the time I submit my answer, until I continue to the next question, I'd have much more ability to gain valuable learning from timed practice.

March 1, 2018



That would go against the nature of it, which is to see if you are fluent in your response. I find I can get 20/20 for the solid easy skills, but it is the later ones that I stumble on.


You can also review responses of all at the end, if you do not press continue.


How do you do that?


It's a common suggestion; has been for years; never been acted on. I think it's reasonable to assume it won't be, for more or less the reason Dcar1 stated.

Use the review panel at the end of the session if you just need more time to look at what was counted wrong. For additional info, open the discussion you want to look at. Since they open in new browser tabs, they'll be there for you when your time's up.


I'd stop using the mouse and instead use only the keyboard. Then, to submit your answer and get to the next question as quick as possible, just spam the ENTER key immediately after typing/selecting the answer. ^^

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