"You know?"

Translation:Tu sais ?

March 1, 2018

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I've gotten dinged for the informal "tu", so i went with vous saissez (which may be totally wrong anyway) and it was incorrect. am i missing an essential clue as to when it should be formal or not?


"tu sais" (singular informal) and "vous savez" (plural, or singular formal) are both accepted (or at least they should be). "tu sais" is the default translation, if it wasn't accepted for you then you probably made a typo, for instance "tu sait" instead of "tu sais"


I put "vous connaissez?" And got marked correct but with a typo correction of "tu sais?" which is obviously a completely different translation and not simply a typo. Am I still right in that I just chose a different form of "to know" or should it really be tu sais/vous savez?


When are we going to see the question marks on the options?

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