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French language MP3 free downloads

Hi! Just wondering if anyone knew any good french language mp3 downloads for free..... Merci! (Thank you).

March 1, 2018



I'm interested, too. Also for Italian or Maltese.


It depends on how advanced you would like it to be.
http://www.litteratureaudio.com/ has mp3 audio books in French and you can access the text (also in French) to read as you listen.

These sites are very good for beginners: https://www.50languages.com/phrasebook/en/fr/

If you want something even more basic, you'll find several Pimsleur recordings here: http://junglevibe44.net/tracks/pimsleur_french.html


What level are you at?

Some of these are good.

This is good beginner material but it is video, and I do not know if it can be downloaded.

For advanced material, Ripcurlgirl's suggestion of litteratureaudio.com is super.


audiocité, which is rather like litteratureaudio.com, has a lot of good materials.

ditto, au Fil des Lectures.

ditto, biblioboom

for the audio of novels, etc., that are in the public domain, there are very nicely formatted text files in various formats at ebooksgratuits.

Have fun! French is so marvelous


I just made free mp3s of the 5000 most frequently used vocab words using text to speech so I could listen while hiking and put on brothers website. http://www.murfrosoft.com/james/ Voila

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