For some reason japanese doesn’t work well since yesterday. The sound doesn’t work i tried other lessons and its always the same. For example it asks me what sound does this make when I tap the sound button nothing happens. Am I the only one who has this problem?

March 1, 2018


I had a problem today too. In Activity lesson two, last one, the word for "work" was not there among the choices so I had to use a Japanese keyboard and type it in manually. Also, Duo itself acted up a bit on me and I got Error 500 a few times.

My problem is that it doesn’t work at all, I am also learning german and I had to do the same lesson twice today because when I finished it just shut down..

I am also having a problem with the audio, but I am getting around it by first guessing what sound it makes by seeing if there are sounds that I already know from other characters, and whether I get it right or wrong, I write down the character and the romaji pronunciation. Then I go online and search for a hiragana alphabet with audio pronunciations and I practice from there. I hope this helps.

i have been having the same problem since last week, it is very annoying.

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