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Writing chinese characters

It would be nice to exercise writing charecters in duolingo as part of the lessons. The app "HelloChinese" offers this, but that app is not adaptive. Brain imaging research has shown that knowing how to write is an essential element of reading in Chinese: it helps recognizing the characters. I do write on paper with pen as well as brush, but integrated in duolingo it would help a lot.

March 1, 2018



Also on Android: skritter.


Maybe the competitive market will impel it. Who knows? It certainly doesn't seem like something that could be easily incorporated into the web version, which already requires an way too much mouse use for my liking.


duolingo do not seem to have the resource to create a program for writing chinese characters especially when they do not specialized in a specific language or language family.


what did you mean by " adaptive"?


Try using the Windows 10 app Lingvoji. You can use pen, touch, or mouse for handwriting exercises.



Totally agree. We have this on the ChineseMe website, where you can click directly on characters for hd closeup video of writing. Skritter works well, too, but is not integrated into an actual course.


Skritter is the go to application for learning to write Chinese. It's an SRS.

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