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"Uma lata de leite"

March 20, 2013



Condensed milk, maybe? ...if so, then yes the "yummy" is appropriate. :]


Just an insight... well... a curiosity.... that i didnt know. Brazil is the only place in the world where "condesend milk" is called "leite moça". Thats a long story related to the girl standing on nestlé cans.


Oh! I always thought "Moça" was a brand of condensed milk since almost everything with the word "moça" on it has this specific woman, so I thought she was the symbol of their brand! I am actually curious to know this story now! Good to know, thanks. :]


Yep its their symbol... but, going to the market... not knowing the new brand's name.... "oh... buy that one which has a moça on it" and it stuck on their minds... now... we say go to the market and buy "leite moça" "use 2 cans of leite moça for the cake" not depending on the brand and even if there is or not a moça on it.


BUT! We also say "leite condensado". I say both Leite Moça and Leite Condensado. =)


Yes... we say both....


Thanks, guys, for giving me a sudden and devastating craving for condensed milk :P

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