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French Pronunciation !

I Just Starded Learning French, But The Pronunciation Is Driving Me Crazy!, Please Save Me !

March 2, 2018



you just need to watch a lot of movies! it makes a lot more than english pronunciation once you get the hang of it ^_^


Mango language is helpful because they speak French to you through the whole lesson. Also, they have a little button that will give you a visual of how to pronounce it. Example: Je viens des √Čtats-Unis (jeuh veea(n) dayzaytazuni) I am from the United States

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These videos created by the University of Michigan. You can learn french pronunciation here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBZcHkPESuK-2a6SHfP45aJSGp8a3dxwP

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