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  5. "Please drink milk."

"Please drink milk."


March 2, 2018



Thank you for giving us Kanji. However, I don't think 下さい is the word that normally used. ください is much more common. Also, ミルク, which means milk, should be accepted as I reported.


From a conversation I read with a content creator, they actually don't see the comments in these sentence discussions, which are mostly places for learners to talk about things. So, reporting it from the lesson is the best approach. (Just an FYI, since I recently learned this myself.)


Thank you for your advice. Yeah I've reported it.


They do! But I know there were a few issues they were working on. If you have the ability still to write something in, I would take advantage of it. And if it's a "my answer should have been accepted" report, I'd write in what your response was, as I believe there were problems connecting them together (meaning, the responses were not connecting to the reports). I'm not sure if there's an ETA on the fix, but that's what I'd recommend for now. :)


What I can only see is a checkbox followed by "my answer should have been accepted". It'd be much better if there is a comment box. :)


I know there's a reason why it's been disabled for most people, but I can't remember! I'll see if I can find the original thread I was referring to. Lol


Thank you! Hope Duo could hear the voice from our heart and restore it! Look like it's removed before I joined in.


Me, lactose intolerant: Ah, crap.


Fulmetal Alchemist... That's why Edward is short..

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