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Resource of The Day: Japanese: #1

I noticed someone was doing this for French, and I decided, eh, I'll do this for Japanese then! I'll also do it for a few other languages, like Chinese, or Korean, but I've decided on Japanese for the time being. However, these will be general resources, like books, songs, movies or videos.

So for today's resource, I chose a song, Inochi No Kioku, it's from The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, a Studio Ghibli film (no, for the last time, it's not about Naruto) and a very sad movie. This song is slow-paced and beautiful, and very easy to listen to for beginners (I'm not even studying Japanese actively yet I can still sing 3/4 of this song decently).

Thanks, everyone!

March 2, 2018



This is really awesome! Thanks K!


I love this movie and song. Sad ending but still nice :)


Yeah, I agree, it's kind of depressing if you think about the fact that because the celestial beings didn't know sadness, they didn't understand how Kaguya and her parents were suffering because of it.


Thank you for sharing. You're right this song is ideal for beginners, and beautiful, too.

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