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ein and eine

Hello, I just faced a sentence in practices in this site which is "Wir haben eine Katze und einen Hund." so i was wondering that why katze is with eine but hund is with einen i know that we use einen for direct objects ,so how is it that katze is not direct object and hund is?are'nt both of em in thesame position?

March 2, 2018



Always learn the article with each new noun you come across, so you also start learning their gender: die Katze, der Hund, das Pferd.

[deactivated user]

    The two previous posts pretty much explained it. But to recap, the masculine indefinite article becomes "einen" in the accusative case, but the feminine indefinite articles remains "eine." Since dog is masculine it become "einen Hund" in the accusative but since cat is feminine it remains "eine Katze."

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