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  5. "后天是我女朋友的生日。"


Translation:The day after tomorrow is my girlfriend's birthday.

March 2, 2018



"It is my girlfriend's birthday the day after tomorrow" should be accepted. I can't believe I even need to report this.


Probably just because your "is" and the Chinese sentence's "是" are in different places. They were being extra-strict.

(Can you even write a sentence in Chinese using the "It is format with the equivalent of a dummy "it" before "是"? Like, "It is Friday tomorrow"?)


'The day after tomorrow will be my girlfriend's birthday', thank you. You need to accept this


Both 'is' or 'will be' are correct, depending on your point of view.


I have been speaking English for the past many years, and "The day" is not always used when speaking. Duolingo rejected it without "The day"

Have I been making the same linguistic mistake for that many years? Hmmm...


Just "after tomorrow" can be considered a little ambiguous because it can mean any time after tomorrow, not just the day after.

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