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  5. how can Ispeak german ?


how can Ispeak german ?

Since i was using duolingo , I have learned alot of words in german . But when it comes to speaking it I can not . Does anyone has a solution for this ?

March 2, 2018



Looking up songs in German that include lyrics really helps me practice pronouncing some difficult German words. Even if you don't like singing, it still helps build experience on how to speak German well. I hope this helps a little ^^;

For any experienced fluent speakers that have anymore tips, I'd like to know as well!


What are some pieces that you normally use? Would you recommend classical?


thanks ashley . can i ask you is there any group for the ones who wants to learn german


Exhale air and move your lips at the same time.


Listening! Start to listen to more German! See how they tend to pronounce certain common words! Talk to yourself, repeat others ("shadow" what you hear)! Easy German is pretty nice for listening practice since they provide subtitles in German and English.


Could you explain why you can't speak German?


i do not know i just can not i also understand the written word s but i do not understand it when i hear it

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