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  5. "Ho otto fratelli e sorelle."

"Ho otto fratelli e sorelle."

Translation:I have eight brothers and sisters.

April 17, 2014



I had this urge to write "I have eight siblings" - which would have been equally and perfectly right -, but decided (once again) that having an answer accepted is better than being a smart-ass...


Took my chances and was marked correct


It must be a Wesley


I believe YariShinai meant to say "Weasley," from the Harry Potter book series, although I am not entirely sure.


16 Children? Someone's parents have been busy...


Doesn't this sentence mean 8 in total? Wouldn't you say Ho otto fratelli e otto sorelle if you meant 8 each?


Since you can say "I have one dog and cat" (one of each) or "I have two dogs and cats" (two of each) 16 children probably more correct, although I think when you get into higher numbers it becomes more vague. Don't know about in the italian though.


You can say "I have one dog and cat?" I think I would say "I have a dog and a cat," but that's just me [and my $0.02]. :)


True, I would probably say the same as you, but there is always the option of saying it differently. In the above sense a more common phrasing might be "I have a dog and cat." or "I have a knife and fork" In this case one would be basically saying you have one pair of these two things.


I suppose so. I have never thought of it much. :D


I have 8 brothers and sisters in total and I say it this way, so I don't think that they meant 16 either.


Complimenti ala nonna!

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