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"El abuelo siempre escucha música española."

Translation:Grandpa always listens to Spanish music.

March 2, 2018



Every time I translate "el abuelo" or "la abuela" as "the grandfather" or "the grandmother" Duolingo counts it wrong. I assume that Spanish speakers often refer to their own grandparents using the definite article (el or la), rather than using a possessive pronoun (my). But how would a Spanish speaker refer to someone else's grandparent, if not by using the definite article? In other words, why is "the grandfather" an incorrect translation in this case?


And, additionally, what if you don't call your grandfather "Grandpa"? What if you call him "Pops" or "PawPaw" or "Gramps" or "T Paw"? People have a lot of nicknames for grandfathers.


"The grandfather" really needs to be allowed. What if this sentence is referring to another family about which you have been asked? Does anyone of them listen to music? Yes, the grandfather always listens to Spanish music.


Agreed. Longer example: "Each member of that family likes to relax with a different activity. The mother does X, the father plays Y, and the grandfather always listens to Spanish music."


I put the grandfather, and it was marked as wrong?


unfortunately this is something about which Duolingo is not consistent. They also use " Mi abuelo " for my grandfather.


Is this specifically music from spain? Or can it mean music in spanish?


i understand "música española" as music from spain, spanish music for me would be "música en español"


This said "my grandfather" is the correct translation, but wouldn't that be "mi abuelo?" "the grandfather" should work fine


What is the article before music? In different lectures this translations appeared:

music = música; Spanish music = música española OR Spanish music = la música española

Is the article before music in Spanish arbitrary? Or are there some rules I'm missing?



El grandpa = ??????


Yes, this marked "the grandfather" as wrong for me too.


I have just put "the grandfather" and they've marked it correct (14th March). Whether its a one off or whether they have FINALLY listened. Clarification as to what exactly "el abuelo" translates to for Spanish speakers would be great.

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