"He was not speaking any more."

Translation:Už nemluvil.

March 2, 2018

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On už víc nemluvil.


SSČ to uvádí bez nějaké poznámky o knižnosti, takže asi ano. Ale není to varianta, která by se tu aktivně učila.


I reported this, but if my proposal is rejected, I want to understand.

I submitted Nemluvil už, and was marked wrong.

However, in another exercise in this same skill, She was already speaking, I submitted in turn both Už mluvila and Mluvila už, and both were accepted as correct.

Is there something about the negative usage which determines the placement of ?

As an aside, I'll marvel out loud how the mods can keep up with all the variations on the Czech side. I just read a discussion thread for another question in this skill in which one of the mods said there were 480 variations of that one sentence.


It is certainly highly unusual. Whether it is completely impossible is hard to say, bit I could imagine in some more formal genre, some bellettry.

The corpus only shows one occasion of "... a nemluvil už.".

The difference from "Mluvila už."? Honestly, I do not know, it is also quite strange, but I think the difference of the meaning of "už" in positive and negative sentences plays some role.

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