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French Practice

Is there anybody willing to provide links to places I can practice my french speaking skills? Is anyone willing to link up on googlehangouts or skype or another forum? My speaking skills are what need the most work. Also any books that has helped you on your french journey? Thanks

March 2, 2018



There's an app called HelloTalk that can do that, I haven't tried it though.

As for books, I read Le Petit Prince and some Le Petit Nicholas stories. Le Petit Prince is a classic that everyone should read. Le Petit Nicholas is actually a series of books composed of dozens of short stories, so each one isn't too big of a commitment and is fairly quick to get through. They're both children's books, but are interesting enough to keep an older reader engaged.


Thanks for responding. I haven't heard of Hellotalk so I'm glad to have learned something new. I've heard of Le Petit Prince but i wasn't too sure about it. I'll definitely give them a try now, thanks again.


I tried meetandmingle.net and loved it. It's still in beta, but you get to interact with a bunch of different people, almost like an actual mixer. There were ~15 people when I did it last week, and they're having another French language one this Sunday: https://www.meetandmingle.net/French-Language-Exchange-1519322355

For books, you can never go wrong with Fables de la Fontaine :)


Thank you (especially for the link) , I'll be sure to make a note of this one


I am just a little further along then you are and have started using Conversation Exchange. You get in contact with native speakers of your target language who are learning your language and help each other out. Just make sure that you use some French each time you contact them, otherwise you won't make a whole lot of progress.


Thank you! I'll be sure to try it out


I am learning spanish, but I have a friend who is pretty far down on the french tree for duolingo. She says that you could try learning english from french, instead of french from english. To give you a different view point.


That's a good idea, thanks for responding


KDO French on YouTube has the absolute best audio. They read a short poem slowly. You are able to clearly hear and read the text. Then they read it at normal speed (on some videos). I have yet to find anything that comes close to this; although, many others will differ with me on this.


Thank you! I'm always looking for audio resources.


Thanks to everyone who responded and provided resources and ideas for my french journey

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