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"Je to matka šest set šedesáti dvou malých pavouků."

Translation:It is the mother of six hundred and sixty-two little spiders.

March 2, 2018



My first try -- It is THE mother of... -- was not accepted. In the correct answer offered, "a" was underlined. I have reported it, because "the mother" sounds more natural than "a mother," though either would be fine on the English side.


To echo Renardo's comment - Yes, I think this is the reason we would use the definite article here. Indefinite seems to imply that it's countable and one of many potential mothers. Definite article means that it's unique and there's only one. English grammar books do not do a good job of stressing how this often takes precedence over the rule for using the definite article when we've already been introduced to something.

It must be a nightmare translating (creating) articles when translating from Czech to English.


I'm curious why šest isn't declined to the genitive.


It is possible to use declination only for a part of a large number, usually the tens and the units. But you can also use "šesti set šedesáti dvou".

There are examples of both in http://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=791 (2a and 2b)


Both "a" and "the" are accepted.

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