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  5. "Nor is the US."

"Nor is the US."

Translation:Les États-Unis ne le sont pas non plus.

March 20, 2013



je ne comprand pas


You should try to imagine the context of this, which is likely to be the end of a speech or a bit of conversation.

  • England is not a third world country (L'Angleterre n'est pas un pays du tiers-monde)
  • Nor is the US (Les Etats-Unis non plus).


two possible solutions: one is non plus and what is the meaning of this which I left out: Les États-Unis ne le sont pas non plus!!


my mind is about to blow


Why not 'ni les etats unis'?


"ni les Etats-Unis" would probably be "nor the USA"


I put in 'Ni les États-Unis' and it was accepted.


Why not "Ni sont les USA"?


We would not say that. Remember that this is a very short sentence, like a brief comment after someone said something containing verb be/être:

"Russia is not at war. // Nor is the US."

"La Russie n'est pas en guerre. // Les Etats-Unis non plus (or longer: les Etats-Unis ne le sont pas non plus)."


Do country with "S" in English has to automatically turn to have article Les? Les Etats-Unis, Les Philippines, does it also apply in other places that isn't translated in French?


I think it is more that the country is made up of multiple entities, thereby being plural, and less that the country ends in S. The United states is a collection of many states, and the Philippines is an archipelago of islands.


Les États-Unis ne le sont pas non plus --> that option was correct also, anyone can explain me the "le sont", i would imagine this like "ne sont plus".

help natives! aide moi svp!!!


This sentence is a piece of conversation which, as usual, has no context, so it is up to you to imagine it. Example:

A: La France n'est pas une dictature. B: Les Etats-Unis ne le sont pas non plus

"le" stands for "une dictature", to avoid repetition and still give a hint as to what the US "is not".

"non plus" translates "nor" or "not either".

By the way, the French are much more strict on singular/plural than English speakers. The US being a plural, the French will never use 3rd person singular to refer to "them".


thnx!, now i get it :D, is easier to think it in spanish though jaja "los estados unidos no lo son tampoco"


Btw, do french people also refer to the US as America, or is the word reserved for the continent?

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