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"What is the road to the university?"

Translation:¿Cuál es la ruta hacia la universidad?

March 2, 2018



You take the coffee to the restaurant. Ustedes llevan el café al restaurante.

What is the road to the university? ¿Cuál es la ruta hacia la universidad?

What exactly is the difference though...


I tried "Cual es la calle a la universidad" and duo accepted it, although I wonder if hacia is better as it means "toward", and I've seen is used as "to" before.


Ruta isn't listed as a translation for road


Why not Qué ?


Because when followed by ser it implies a definition is being asked for, which isn't the case here, so you use cual. If you look up "que versus cual" you''ll find lots of explanations that go into more detail.


Thanks - still something I need to get my head around


Cual es la carretera al universidad ?


Should be "a la". "Al" is a conjugation of "a el" and universidad is feminine.

That said, I tried cual es la carretera a la universidad and it was marked incorrect.


Maybe route would be a better word here? I put camino, and it was marked wrong, but I can see that "route toward the u" (ruta hacia a) is better said than "road to", better encompasses the meaning.


heads up, I've got "no 'a' after hacia" all over my notes.


on wordreference.com - ruta: path, route, plan. When "camino" wasn't accepted, I saw "road" as more of a plan of getting to college - " What plan/ means/ road/ will get me to the U.?" "How is getting to the University possible /achievable?" " "What is the best way of getting into the U?" "What do I need to do to get into the U?" Maybe I'm stretching : )


Isn't "Cuál es la carretera a la universidad?" a correct translation for this?


Qué es el camino a la universidad?


The correct question should be- "What is the route..." not "road"... Fix it


Duo too fussy I think. Good practise but frusatrating.

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