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"The school is near here."

Translation:La escuela está cerca de acá.

6 months ago


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Could a native Spanish speaker please confirm the use of "acá" here? I always understood "acá" to mean "this way", "in this direction" or "toward me". In English, "near" is used with a location as opposed to a direction. Is this different in Spanish?

6 months ago


Per drae, aquí (adv.dem.) En (o a) este lugar. Acá (adv.dem.) En (o a) este lugar o cerca de él.
So in this case use acá. Also with verbs of motion always use acá. After 8 years in Costa Rica I have only heard people when calling their dogs and kids say "venga acá" never "venga aquí", only a gringo would say venga aquí, or maybe a Spaniard. ?

2 months ago


If a Spaniard says venga aqui then it must be correct, it is their language right?

1 month ago


It's also the language of Costa Ricans...

1 month ago

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I'm told that Acá is not used in Spain, only in Latin America.

1 month ago


I'm pretty sure they gave their exclusive ownership some centuries ago.

3 days ago

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I think aqui should be accepted if it is correct for Spain. It would be useful to find a hint in the "correct answer" given by DL, whether sth is exclusively accepted in one ore another country.

1 month ago