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The perfect way to pen-pal!

I always wanted a penpal from France, but these days writing letters or even emailing can be a bit of a hassle. BUT the other day I discovered an app called Tandem! It has speakers of all languages, and is just a simple chat app that offers you people of your desired language [you can request your own gender, and a certain age range] to chat with in messages. You can also send photos, voice call or video call, just like with any other messenger. Plus, there's awesome language specific features to help you improve: such as the feature where your native-speaking friend can hold down on your incorrect message and correct it for you! Or the feature where you can translate their messages in-chat so you don't have to go shamefully crawling to Google Translate.

It's wonderful, i have already made so many friends there. I hope it helps you too! :)

March 2, 2018



Sounds interesting. I'll check it out, merci!


merci beaucoup! Tres bien.


I'll definitely take a look at this, merci beaucoup~!


Merci <3 <3 <3

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