Is there any plan to get a new voice over for these translations? I have a very hard time understanding the voice a lot of the time. I have my volume cranked and if it wasn't for the option to have the voice speak slowly I wouldn't understand it at all. So honestly are there any plans in the future to get a new better voice program?

March 20, 2013


It always takes time to get used to hearing another language and adjusting. It will get better with time!

I think the Spanish voice is OK. People have agreed after I've had them check out actual native speakers' online. Having to slow it down in the beginning is normal. "Mas despacio, por favor" are important words when visiting Spanish speaking countries! ;)

Well thank you but something tells me that this is just a basic response. I would think that some adjustments could at least be made to the Italian voice.

We've found that for most - it takes a little time to adjust to the sound. Would you like it slower? Where do you find that you have the most trouble hearing/understanding or is it consistently difficult?

I do okay with the French, Spanish, and German voices, but when I tried a lesson in Italian, the voice really drove me crazy. I just tried another lesson in Italian, and I think the problem isn't the voice so much as the intonation. The sentences all seem to just fade out at the end. If that's how Italians speak, I'll just need to get used to it.

If these are all machine generated voices, then I'm impressed. However, sometimes it is very hard to figure a word out. And once I, and I suspect many others, mishear something, it's hard to shake it. What you thought you heard just sort of locks in. One nice option would be to change the gender at will. So, if you didn't understand the female maybe the male version would make it clear. (Of course, if it's the same algorithm, only at a different pitch, it probably wouldn't help much). Occasionally there are real glitches where syllables are cut off or run together. I usually give feedback. I hope someone looks at those. One pet peeve: The German voice always pronounces Ma├če like Masse. That's just wrong and can lead to translation errors.

The Spanish voice sounds perfectly fine. I can only say that because I'm used to listening to the language.

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