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Chinese errors?

I'm trying VERY hard with Chinese and I really appreciate this beautiful, interesting, challenging language. But there is no translation of many words and characters that we are tested on - so, sadly, no opportunity to really learn all these words as we go, which seems a shame and a wasted opportunity. AND sometimes in the lessons I think there are mistakes. I am a beginner, so I could be wrong! But I feel that I have detected errors. I hope the Chinese program is being worked on? I am very grateful to all the people doing this work and am sure it is very difficult, so I write this request with gratitude.

March 2, 2018



I'm working through Chinese right now as well, and it seems like most of the errors I've run into are minor (but still frustrating). If you click into the discussion, the people talking about each question are usually pretty on point with how controversial questions can be corrected.

The lesson doesn't seem to offer translations as you go. It seems to concentrate on pronunciation and memorization of the word's sound. When you get to the translation parts of the lesson, make sure to hover over the characters so that you can go one by one through the words and phrases. That's how you'll learn the meanings of the words. Still, I understand if you feel that's inadequate. I also wish they would do a little bit more with actual definitions for Chinese.

I'm hopeful that it's still being worked on, but I definitely don't know.


> It seems to concentrate on pronunciation and memorization of the word's sound. That is one of the worst points in this version. Chinese characters are not alphabets. They are words. Thier meaning should be shown at the first sight.


Mandarin words largely consist of compounds and many characters within such compounds cannot usefully be ascribed individual meanings (at least without greatly over-complicating things for a beginner). See my comment in this thread.


the course gives the wrong hints and it is so frustrating when i dont know something and go to the hint only to find the sentence does not make sense and that my answer was wrong. the course needs to be edited.


This is getting worse yesterday when they deduct your progress on a course for correct translation just because they do not accept all the possible answers. The inability to register correct answer as correct is a minor annoyance but deducting points for those correct answer is a mojor hinderance.


The translation part is difficult, particularly on the sentence transition: a Chinese sentence have multiple possible transitions in English with the slangs, idioms, and complex inflection rules; but only some of the possible translations are accepted. Dialectical variation of English along with its flexible word order is likely the source of this problem.

Thankfully, Duolingo allow feedback from users so improvement is possible. To make things better, punctuation marks and capitalization is not assessed.


In Chineseļ¼ŒA word has many meanings in different situations.So it's difficult.If you need help, I can help you in Chinese.

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