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  5. Anyone down for a French MnM?


Anyone down for a French MnM?

We're doing this one on Sunday:


I tried it two weeks ago with ~15 people and loved it. Everybody's new, and people are super friendly. Come join!!

March 3, 2018



Sounds interesting. Don't know anything about meet and mingle. Do you mind elaborating?


Of course! It's a new website I heard about from college friends, and I think it's still in a beta version. Anyways, there's a "hall" where people can jump in and out of "circles". Each circle is like it's own google hangout or skype session, but you can easily just drag yourself from one to the next. So it's sort of like you're socializing with people in a mixer. Looks something like this: www.facebook.com/MeetNMingle/ . Not sure how easy it is to create your own events, though...


Thanks, I'll check it out


Hey guys, looks like the event is postponed, but if you follow me on here, I'll leave another post when there's another one!

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