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Intro 4 Lesson 4 problem: ちゅう makes the sound for なか.

Very confused when I sat this: https://imgur.com/USWdTVi and it made the sound for なか.

It took a while, but I found out 中(ちゅう) and 中(なか) use the same kanji. Is anyone else having this problem, and is there a way to fix it?

March 3, 2018



中 can be Chu or Naka in different uses.
I wonder if you hear Chu or Naka when you click the sound? If you hear Naka then report it.
This problem had been mentioned by other users before. Just report it again if it's still wrong.


I encounter this bug on a daily basis and the audio says naka...


So they matched it to the wrong track. According to the PO's screen dump, Naka is not inside the available options.


This bug is pretty old, I encountered it months ago, along with others. We all reported it


I thought I was crazy. Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought so, lol


Could you please change the topic to Troubleshooting and create a bug report as well?


Good that anyone else notice. Something seemed weird to me too.


Actually English also has it.
I "record" it but I make a "record".
I "read" it but I have "read" it.
It's your turn :-)


i lead you to my secret stash of lead.


Yeah, I also recently encountered this problem. I'd say, maybe yesterday?

Anyways, i'm still a bit new to Duolingo so i'm not really sure where you would report a bug just yet.


If you'd want to report a bug, there's a section in the forms called troubleshooting. Just go there and start a discussion, and address the issue. Mods/techs should look into it within a few hours.

Hope that helps!


Yes, this problem still exists. They give you ちゅう and read it as naka. Very confusing!


When a kanji is part of a larger word (combined with other kanji) it will take it's chinese-based On-yomi reading, which is "Chuu". But when a kanji is by itself it is read with its Kun-yomi reading which is "Naka". There are also multiples of each kind of reading depending on the context a kanji is used in.

Duo's reading of the isolated kanji isn't exactly wrong, by itself that kanji would be naka, but the system fails to account for the context of it and how the surrounding kanji change how it is pronounced.

I guess it could be similar to seeing the english word "through" pronounced like 'thru' as a whole, and trying to highlight the 'rough' part expecting to hear 'ru' but instead hearing how 'rough' as its own word is pronounced as 'ruff'.

So it's not necessarily a bug, Duo just fails to explain how kanji actually function.


Thanks for creating this thread, I also encountered this and was getting confused because ちゅう != なか when you hear it. So when trying to piece together the Hiragana, I wasn't able to make the determination of what the sound was saying compared to what the 'correct' answer was.


I don't think is a bug, the kanji alone is actually read as 'naka' is it not? When there're two kanji together, the sound changes to 'chuu'.


The sound it makes for me is "naka" but says in writing "chuu." I keep reporting it but it doesn't let me specify the problem.

It confused me for the longest time since it's used in the name Tanaka.

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