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Showing gender when translating from English to German

Does anybody know why we only get to see gender when translating form German to English? I often miss knowing what gender it is when I translate from English to German, so that I can practice finding the correct case and so on. I get that I should learn the genders by heart, and I like that there are tasks devoted to learning the correct genders. However, I feel like I should get the oppurtunity to see the gender when I already can "cheat" by looking for the translation of a word. Any other thoughts on this?

March 3, 2018



I don't agree, but you could at least try to learn some guidelines? Such as that nouns ending in -e, -heit, -keit, -ung are mostly female, diminutives (-chen) are neuter, and many more that I can't currently think of.


Thank you for the link! I'll learn those by heart!


Well usually when a sentence starts with die it is usually female.

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