"He thinks that she does not love him."

Translation:Él piensa que ella no lo quiere.

10 months ago



I put: "el piensa que ella no lo quiere a el" I got it wrong. Why? I had the accent over the "e" in el

10 months ago


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this, but as I understand it, the "a el" would be redundant in this situation because it would refer to the same "el" in the beginning of the sentence, so the "lo" is sufficient to indicate that "quiere" is referring to him ("el")

9 months ago


I hate pronouns ugh this is hard

8 months ago


DL says I should use the command form ie quiera. Nonsense, they mean the subjunctive because it is clearly not a command. {also quiera)

7 months ago
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