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BUG: Practice test too short (with screenshot)

I have been getting too-short practice tests on two accounts and two computers. This screenshot shows an example. As you can see, I've gotten 16 right, and the progress bar shows that the 17th question is the final one. So far as I know, all practice tests should have 20 questions in them.


Note that this is a recurrence of a month-old problem that hasn't gotten any attention.

April 17, 2014



Have you gotten the idea that it possibly changes?


I don't know what you mean. I do know that in the original forum post, the only reply from Duolingo said "Thanks for the report! What lesson did you most recently experience this in?", which means that they see it as anomalous.


I mean the amount of questions may change every time you start the lesson again. It's happened to me.


It does change, yes. I don't believe that it's supposed to do so. That's why I made my original forum post and followed it up with this one.


I thought it was somehow intentional... Sometimes when I did "Strengthen Skill" of a particular skill or general one, it only came out with say 7-8 questions, all of them are focusing on one particular expression or grammatical issue... Although it came out randomly, if it does come out because that's the particular issue the computer feels I have problem with, I find it actually good, because then it will make me really remember that... When such a short session ends, and I hit "practice again" a more "general" practice would come out, with more general scope of questions. So, personally, I think that if it's done on purpose, I actually consider it a good thing...


This happens to me intermittently when I hit the "Strengthen skills" button on the home page. I'll do it four or five times a day, and zero to three of them will be short ones. There doesn't seem to be any pattern. Either way, I'd like to hear an official statement one way or the other.


Bump. Is this a bug or a feature?

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