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I need a German friend

hallooooo!! im trying to learn/improve my german (i spent 5 years studying it in school but ive forgotten most of it) and i was wondering if anyone who is fluent in german would add me on snapchat so we can have conversations in German and i can ask for help with grammar and sentence structure?? my snapchat is ashley-nr!!!!!!!!!!!! feel free to add me! thanks!!!

March 3, 2018



I am not fluent so I can't add you to snapchat, but I just want to say I think it's cool you have been studying for five years! I've always wanted to learn German. It's been awhile since I've found someone so determined to learn. What school did you learn German in?


Everyone in the UK learns a language in normal school. But it's crap so everyone spends a minimum of 5 years learning a language but it's crap and the schools aren't good at teaching. Like I've learnt more Spanish in 10 days of duolingo than I did doing 7 years of it in school.


Completely agree.


I'm a native speaker from Germany, but I don't use snapchat.


i am ok at german but would like practice as well so his would be a great opportunity for me..... sadly... i do not have any social media


Why don't you just create an account then. It's not hard is it, all you need is an email and then create a password.


Same for me,cellogirl28.


Do you use marco polo(video service) or any other media site? I need a new german friend as well.


Ich suche auch nach denjenigen, mit denen ich auf Deutsch reden könnte. Dafür könnten wir diese Webseite benutzen: https://appear.in/

Wer daran Interesse hat, kann mich hier als Freund hinzufügen.


Do you speak English? If so, could you translate that for me?


Looks like you could use some better English grammar as well.


Lol i just started german today! but, i think that, that is pretty impressive that you have been learning german for 5 years! like WHAT!? 0-o


Hey man, I can help you I need a friend whom I can talk to in German as I am Indian. I am currently learning German for 1 year now.


I have the same problem like you, I like to use Skype for that purpose.

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